USAID Environmental Procedures Training Manual

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About the Environmental Procedures Training Manual

The USAID Environmental Procedures Training Manual is a guide to compliance with USAID environmental procedures for USAID staff and Partners.

The tables, matrices and forms suggested in the EPTM are intended to be helpful to preparers and reviewers, but they are not specified by Reg. 216. Each Mission or Mission partner may decide whether they are useful in documenting 22 CFR 216 requirements.


DISCLAIMER. The guidance contained in the EPTM is advisory only. The contents do not constitute official USAID procedures, regulations, guidelines, guidance, or revisions thereto, nor do they modify or replace any aspect of 22 CFR 216. Should there be any apparent conflict between 22 CFR 216 and the EPTM, 22 CFR 216 will take precedence. (For reference, the full text of 22 CFR 216 is included in this manual.)

Contents and downloads

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Contents & Downloads
Covers and Prefaces
Cover, Disclaimer, Table of Contents, & Preface Matter
image of pdf icon 1.4MB 28Mar2005
1. Introduction
image of pdf icon177kB

image of word iconChapters 1-5 of the March 2005 EPTM (1MB)

"NOTE: formatted for US letter size paper. printing to A4 may cause diagrams and boxes to appear in the wrong place.


2. Screening and Classifying Activities Under Regulation 216
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3. Required Documentation: Determination and Overview
image of pdf icon0.3MB 28Mar2005
4. Writing the Initial Environmental Examination
image of pdf icon0.5MB 28Mar2005
5: Frequently Asked Questions About Environmental Compliance
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A. USAID Definitions
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image of word iconText of Annex A
B. Official USAID Environmental Guidance and Regulation

(Includes Reg 216, ADS excerpts & Title II DAP Guidance)
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image of word iconText of Annex B (Includes Reg 216 and DAP Guidance, but not ADS excerpts)
C. Environmental Compliance Forms
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D. Examples of Categorical Exclusions and Initial Environmental Examinations
image of pdf icon2.4MB
BEO Tracker On-line Database
(Searchable full-text database of all finalized Africa Bureau environmental documentation since 1996)
E. Sample Tables and Environmental Checklists
image of pdf icon0.4MB 28Mar2005
image of word iconText of Annex E, including Leopold Matrix & Mitigation Tables
F. Programmatic Environmental Assessments
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image of word iconText of Annex F

G. Umbrella IEEs and Subgrant Environmental Screening

Note: under update to reflect Dec 2010 revision to Africa Bureau's subproject review processes and Environmental Review Form

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image of word iconText of Annex G

Env Review Form 0.2MB 17Jan05
Download Whole Document
March 2005 EPTM (Africa Version)
image of pdf icon355K 28Mar05

Procédures Environnementales De L’usaid : Manuel De Formation Pour Les Agents Environnementaux Et Partenaires De Mission De L’usaid

Table des Matières & Téléchargements
Page de couverture & Matériaux préliminaires
  • Page de couverture, Renonciation, Table des Matières, Matériaux préliminaires
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1. Introduction
image of pdf iconKb 169

image of word iconChapitres 1-5 de la EPTM 2005 Mars
(Mb 1)

Veuillez noter: Formaté pour papier Américain. Imprimer sur papier A4 peut déranger les diagrammes et les boites de texte.

2. Examen préalable et classification des activités aux termes de la Réglementation 216
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3. Documents requis : Détermination et vue d’ensemble
image of pdf iconKb 194 28Mar2005
4. Rédaction de l’examen environnemental initial (EEI)
image of pdf iconKb 442 28Mar2005
5 : Questions fréquemment posées au sujet de conformité environnementale
image of pdf iconMb 0.3 28Mar2005
Annexe G. Formulaire d’examen environnemental
image of pdf iconKb 478 28Mar2005
image of word iconFormulaire d'examen environmental (Kb 264)

Comments on the EPTM are encouraged. Please send them via email to the ENCAP core team. Faxed or written comments should be sent to:

Wes Fisher
The Cadmus Group
57 Water Street
Watertown, MA 02472
fax +1.617.673.7001

Other Compliance Resources

Another recommended resource for Title II cooperating sponsors is:

A Cooperating Sponsor's Field Guide to USAID Environmental Compliance Procedures (Catholic Relief Services & Food Aid Management, 2000) available in English and French.
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